You Can’t Pet My Dog

Meet Bella….





She’s a three year old lab and golden terrier mix. She’s cute, rotten and lovable. She isn’t always the best listener and she is not definitely not the smartest. She may be adorable, but she doesn’t like strangers.

Bella is a big baby, she’s our baby and she is very protective of her family. If you were to meet her for the first time, she would bark like crazy and occasionally growl at you, but she won’t attack you.

We (my mom and I) enjoy taking Bella for walks around town, but when you come up to pet Bella, you ruin our walk. Anybody within 15 feet of Bella is going to get barked at. You may see her as vicious, but she’s the sweetest, most loving dog to her family and friends.

Unfortunately, Bella is not a fit for becoming a Diabetic Alert Dog. As a Type 1 Diabetic, having a Diabetic Alert Dog is a dream of mine. Because they are so expensive, I started a GoFundMe account because why not? I would love more than anything to have a companion by my side at all times. Any donation is greatly appreciated. 🙂

Did your mom or grandma ever tell you to leave a dog alone while it’s eating? If not, leave a dog alone while he or she is eating and don’t walk up to anybody’s pet and pet them without their permission. Don’t feed a pet without the owner’s permission either.

So neighbors and strangers, if you are in Bella’s view, she will bark at you, she won’t attack you. If you see us walking Bella, please, please, please ask if it is okay for you to pet her. Actually if you see us, don’t come near if you don’t want to be barked at.

This goes for any dog, ask the owner if it is okay for to pet their pet(s).

So no, you can’t pet my dog.

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