What You Didn’t Learn in School – Tips by Cary Siegel

Drive your car until it dies

You need a car to get from point A to point B and so on. A car needs to be dependable and has to suit the needs for you and your family. Vehicles are expensive, drive the one you have until it’s not safe to do so.

Don’t purchase extended warranties

They are rarely worth it. Avoid extended warranties on TVs, appliances, cars, and other electronics.

Generic grocery shopping

It’s okay and sometimes the generic tastes/performs the same or better. This goes for drug products as well.

Pack your lunch

One of the biggest money savers (at least for me). It’s okay to say no to eating out with your coworkers for the most part. Remember, you’re trying to please your bank account.

First generation vs the rest

Usually the first generation of a product is the worst. New generations keep coming out, so being the first one with the hot new item isn’t always worth it. Take the Iphone for an example.

Fireproof safe

Invest in one. Put your birth certificate, social security card, important certificates, insurance policies, car and home title(s), tax records, and other important items/anything irreplaceable in the safe.

Filing system

Set up one digitally or print off and put in a folder in a safe place. Put all your bills and financial statements in here for the “just in case”.


This is a money saver. Learn how to fix things on your own, but what you can’t fix, take to a professional. Learn how to build things on your own because it expresses your creativity and saves you money.

Read contracts

Read every line. People are sneaky because they know nobody wants to read a lengthy contract. Read it all so you’re not in for a surprise down the road.

Get books at the library

I may be a little biased on this one since I work at a library… but it saves you SO much money. You are more than likely going to read a book once so why not just borrow it for the time being? If it’s a book you love or you will reference to later, buy it.

Use your bank’s ATM only

This way you will avoid fees. And avoid overdraft fees and bounced checks.

Use cash

Do this as much as possible. When the money is in your hands, you don’t want to spend it. By having cash, you are more likely to spend wisely because you can see the impact instantly.

Your success is up to you

It’s YOUR life. You can do anything you put your mind to. “The harder you work, the luckier you get”

Those are just some of the tips by Siegel. I didn’t come up with this all on my own… While I was working, someone returned the book “Why Didn’t They Teach me This in School? 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live by.” By Cary Siegel. I snatched it up and it’s so good I just had to share. You can buy a copy here. It’s only $10.70!! I have decided to do a blog post on every chapter (a condensed version). This is the last post from this book. I really enjoyed reading and writing about it. Make sure you check out my other posts about this book!!

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