Perfume and Lotion Collection

Does anybody else get tons of perfume and lotions for birthdays or holidays??

My boyfriend’s mom gifts me sets of lotion, perfume, and body wash from Bath & Body Works every Christmas so I’m set for a long while.

I have so many perfumes and lotions, while I was taking photos for this post, a handful of products went into the trash.

There are several scents that I repurchase throughout the year.

Keep scrolling to find out what my perfume and lotion collection consists of.

My perfume and lotion collection


My favorite perfumes and lotions


None of these break the bank! Most of them are from Bath & Body Works and the celebrity perfumes I get at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. A Thousand Wishes from Bath & Body smells likes flowers mixed with medicine, I know that’s a weird combination, but it really does smell so good. Magic In the Air is one of my favorites, I’ve repurchased a few times and I receive it as a gift every year. It has a clean smell to it, nothing too flowery or too strong. Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea is also from Bath & Body Works and like most of their products, it seriously smells so good, but I find it doesn’t last as long. It smells just like the name. Twisted Peppermint as well as Japanese Cherry Blossom are from bath & Body. Cherry Blossom is a classic, my brother likes to use the body wash, again just a simple clean smell. Twisted Peppermint smells just like peppermint and it is strong.

Another “clean” scent is Smoky Rose by The Body Shop, however, I received this set as a gift and probably will not repurchase this product. Fantasy by Britney Spears is my all time favorite. Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy (not pictured) both smell amazing. Beyond Flame by Beyonce is my least favorite perfume in my collection. It has a very strong scent, something an older woman would wear; I rarely wear this one.

Satin Hands is a set by Mary Kay, it consists of Fragrance-Free Protecting Softener, Fragrance-Free Satin Smoothie Refining Shea Scrub and Fragrance-Free Nourishing Shea Cream. If you struggle with dry, rough hands, I highly recommend this. Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday is a must have for me. It smells good and lasts a long time. Same goes for Private Show by Britney Spears. Honestly, I love every scent by Britney Spears.

Thank God for Marshall’s and TJ Maxx for having such great prices on expensive perfume sets.

Links to these products are in the pictures, if not, the links are in the review. In conclusion, this post is not sponsored nor am I an affiliate for any of the stores listed.

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