Why I Attended 3 Different High Schools

In my sophomore year alone, I attended 3 different high schools. 

Most students could never imagine leaving their high school and their friends, I didn’t until it happened.

I grew up in a very, very small town. The school system there is amazing, more amazing that the people of the town. Even though I had lots of friends and liked few of my teachers, but nothing made me want to be there. We lived in this town because my father lives in this town.

When my father stopped coming around at the end of my freshman year (2013), my mom filed to move closer to her family, an hour and a half away.

Months later we moved. My brother and I started school at Union Local. I was there for two 9-weeks… I hated it. My brother stayed though. I decided to transfer to Saint Clairsville High School. That has been the best decision in my life. Ever. I loved it there and I made a lot friends, true friends.

I have always been a shy girl and let me tell you, I hardly spoke during school. When I started at Union Local I was determined to converse more so I would make friends. Well that didn’t really happen and my “friends” weren’t my friends. It wasn’t until my 16th birthday party, that only two of my friends showed up for (and they were guys!), that I decided to transfer.

Yes, going to 3 different high schools was difficult. But it made me become more open and more talkative. I easily make friends and I can now sense a fake friend… for the most part. Moving to Saint Clairsville has opened so many doors for me and I am honestly so happy where I’m at.

I made it! So can you.

So the next time you’re not happy where you are, make changes. Take the chances to make your life better. You have to go through difficult times to get to the good ones.


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