Halloween Decorations on a Budget How-To

How to Decorate for Halloween

I love Halloween, probably because of all the candy, but I really love decorating for Halloween. There are so many ways to decorate and so many themes you can do for Halloween.

I love the “Nightmare Before Christmas” and I would love to decorate my house in that theme, unfortunately my mother does not. So, we decorate our home in a simple, cute little way that’s on a bargain.

We never pay full price for anything, all of our decorations are from clearance section or the dollar section.

Here’s how you can decorate for Halloween on a budget…

  • Shop clearance
  • Shop the dollar section
  • Shop at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and other department stores.
  • Hit the stores after the holiday

Target has great decorations that are affordable!


Here’s how we decorate for Halloween


The front of our house

First of all, the leaves on the door are from the dollar tree, as well as the garland. The lights are from Walmart or Target.

and the cob web is from Dollar Tree, but you can find them anywhere, also, the flag and the signs we’ve had since I was little, but you can find yard signs anywhere.

Lights are from Walmart or Target and we always have the flower of the season, mum, on our front porch. Flowers are a great, easy way to decorate any place.

The door mat is from Target.

The stand we decorate seasonally and for the holidays. Decorate with flowers, pumpkins, gores, and other Halloween decorations.

Our living room

Book shelves are the easiest yet the hardest to decorate. Furthermore, they can easily fill up a room with your style in addition to setting the mood you are going for, as can the mantel above your fireplace.

If your TV is not on the mantel, decorate! All of these decorations are from K-Mart.

Our Kitchen

Don’t forget to decorate your counters! You can get glass pumpkins almost any where.

We decorated the window sill above our sink with candle holders and other decorations.

These are our original decorations, we just added orange lights.

A chalkboard is the EASIEST way to decorate as seasons change and holidays roll around.

My bedroom

The blanket is from Target.

The spider vase is the Target’s dollar section. The candle holders are from Gabriel Brothers I believe.

The black skull is from the dollar section at Target.

This pumpkin light strand is from Target, as well as the white lights.





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