Favorite YouTubers

I watch YouTube all the time. I could do it all day. Besides Pinterest, this is where I go for ideas. There is a video for just about anything. I mostly watch beauty gurus, vlogs, and how-tos. YouTube is where I find my make-up ideas. I like to watch other people try the products out before I go and buy something.

Casey Holmes

I love her so much! This beauty guru is beautiful inside and out. Her advice is extremely helpful. Her vlog channel is entertaining… honestly the only one I enjoy watching all the time. Her main channel is all about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I am happy to be one of the 1,322,148 subscribers!

Laura Lee

Omg is this girl funny. Not to mention she is gorgeous. She uses all kinds of products from drugstore to high-end. All things beauty related here.

Jordan Lipscombe

I just started following this girl. It’s weird to think she is my age. She is so pretty and become so successful very fast. Another all things beauty channel. I follow her on every social media account. She is awesome and I wish we were bffs.

Alisha Marie

One very successful YouTuber. She is so funny and her channel is about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. I love her vlog channel. I’ve been a long time subscriber to this one. She has almost 5 million subscribers!! and that’s just on her main channel!

I watch these ladies all the time. Along with some other, but these ones are my favorite. I wish I could meet all of them! They’re doing great things with their lives. The fact that they are all near my age encourages me to go after what I want. It proves that I am not too young to be successful. We can do anything we put our minds to. 🙂


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